Simoncini Protocol

The result of Dr. Simoncini's years of research. "Cancer is a mycosis; the bacterial organism is Candida Albicans."

The discovery of that truth was a world first. While repeatedly overcoming failure he was able to invent the method of treatment for cancer causing Candida. Although his treatment techniques received much support at association and patient conferences, some felt threatened by the success rate of his methods and he was persecuted by the opposition. The patients got their voices out through mediums such as Youtube and word of mouth though. Despite having his medical license revoked, Dr. Simoncini still receives a flood of patients from around the world.
The reason being, while physicians around the world mimicked Dr. Simoncini's techniques; even when done charitably, most treatments still ended in failure.

Inevitably, he persisted for many years researching cancer, continuing to research Candida, trying to figure out what exactly Candida was. He was finally able to grasp on to what cancer itself really was. It became clear that without the proper medical equipment used for treatment and Dr. Simoncini's Protocol treatment was not possible.

Cancer is a fungus

Dr. Simoncini could not ignore the fact that he had no medical license and still treat patients. For a long time, he turned down performing treatment. But each day he read about similar stories of suffering in letters and email from patients around the world. Dr. Simoncini decided: "Solid tumors can be treated. I want to convey this truth to as many people as possible. Also, while I am alive, I want to help as many people who suffer from cancer as I can, even if only one." Presently in Japan, the world's first Simoncini Cancer Center is being prepared for opening in mid December. We have already received many reservations by phone from patients around the world. We hope that, through this center, even a few, or many of those suffering from cancer may find relief.

About treatment

According to WHO (World Health Organization), of the world's 58 million people who died in 2005, deaths by malignant tumors comprised 13% (7.6million deaths). Of those deaths, the most common was lung cancer (1.3 million deaths), followed by stomach cancer (1 million deaths), liver cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer. Deaths from malignant tumors continue to increase, and are predicted to reach 11.4 million deaths by 2030.

If this announcement by WHO is correct; we will be the first to establish a method of treatment for malignant tumors, and predict that vast quantity of treatable patients who Dr. Simoncini will successfully treat for malignant tumor and solid cancer will merit the Nobel prize, while also carving out a place in history for him.

Dr. Simoncini is being called out by the world.

"All solid cancer and malignant tumors are white in color. The white color is the Candida."
"Solid cancer and malignant tumors are Candida!"
"To say that Candida can be exterminated means that cancer too can be exterminated."
After many years of research, Dr. Simoncini was the first to successfully discover Candida as the cause of solid tumor and malignant tumor cancers. As a result of years and months of researching treatment methods with an effect on many hundreds of types of Candida, he was the first to discover Sodium bicarbonate was the most effective at treating Candida related cancer. After that, he spent many more years to successfully establish the most effective treatment ever, using Sodium bicarbonate.

Cancer / malignant tumor treatable with Simoncini Protocol

The Simoncini Protocol does not seem to have much effect on leukemia and hematological malignancies. Leukemia and hematological malignancies seem to have some other cause.

Generally speaking, the Simoncini Protocol exhibits great effectiveness on tumors/cancer labeled as solid cancer.

Treatable malignant tumors-cancer

1. Intestinal cancer (Large intestine, rectum, anus, and attached structures)
2. Lung cancer
3. Breast cancer
4. Brain tumors
5. Liver cancer
6. Stomach cancer
7. Endometrial cancer
8. Ovarian cancer
9. Liver cancer (Hepato carcinoma- liver)
10. Cancer of the gallbladder
11. Bile duct cancer
12. Pancreatic cancer
13. Adrenal cancer
14. Gastrointestinal Stromal Neoplasm
15. Mesothelioma- pleura, peritoneum, pericardium, etc.
16. Kidney cancer
17. Prostate cancer
18. Testicular cancer
19. Renal cell carcinoma - kidney
20. Bladder cancer
21. Rhabdomyosarcoma- muscular (skeletal muscle)
22. Skin cancer (including moles and irregular birth marks)
23. Anal cancer
24. Esophageal Cancer

Old and conventional treatments