The birth of a new treatment against cancer

"I understand well the pain of cancer patients, as i used to work at a child cancer center and all children there died. It was painful to me seeing innocent children being submitted to chemo and radiotherapy and die one by one"

These are the words from Dr. Tullio Simoncini.

Nice to meet you.
My name is Tullio Simoncini. I am here to introduce you for the first time in Japan to my treatment called Simoncini Protocol for curing cancer. I am very excited about being able now to help to all the people in Asia who suffer because of cancer through the foundation of the Simoncini Cancer Center.

In the same manner, my team of colleges from Japan, India, Korea, the United States and Ecuador, and I feel very happy of being able to share our treatment in Asia.

The Simoncini Protocol is a treatment that has helped cure cancer in many people during almost 20 years and now we take a very important step to introduce it to everyone by opening our clinic in Japan. We are sure that this treatment will forever revolutionize the way to treat cancer anywhere in the world. Your access door to this treatment is our Simoncini Cancer Center which has come from Rome all the way to Japan, and shall expand all over the world. The great battle for us has begun, this means the definitive cure of cancer.

Chironcology Inc.
CMO Tullio Simoncini

About Dr.Tullio Simoncini

Dr. Tullio Simoncini is a Rome born physician. To be accurate, he is a former physician. He was an oncologist, surrounded by patients who have heard the rumors of his cancer treatments and come from all corners of the world. He was the first person in medical history to discover cancer is caused by a fungus called candida albicans.

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However, it is natural that physicians who have had their cancer patients whose days are “numbered” go to Dr. Simoncini and lived longer than predicted, have had their pride hurt.

At the same time, physicians, drug companies and academic societies that could not eradicate cancer (malignant tumors) with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and suffered enormous cuts in profits because of the Simncini Protocol, consider the possibility of Dr. Simoncini eradicating or curing cancer (malignant tumors) as a serious threat to their profits.

As a result, Simoncini had his doctor’s license revoked. The similarities between the Greek mythological God of Medicine Asclepius are striking. Because Asclepius used his abilities to help too many patients. Mankind was healthy and no one died. Hades, god of the underworld had him killed for his accomplishments.

In the same manner, the Dr. Simoncini Protocol that has provided relief to so many cancer patients, a technology that has stripped away patients from the customer base of medical organizations and pharmaceutical companies, is not something they wish to tolerate.

Yet, patients are desperate to continue living. For patients, a person who treats their sickness is a doctor. A person who takes away their pain is a doctor. Those who use poison, who push patients closer to their deaths, cannot be called a doctor.

Hippocrates, the offspring of Asclepius, swore to uphold in the following oath:

"I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone. I will not give a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked."

Even after Dr. Simoncini lost his doctors’ license, patients learned of his successes through word of mouth or videos posted on Youtube. A great number of cancer refugees continue to send him correspondence seeking aid for cancer. For that reason, Dr. Simoncini realized he must take a stand.

Now, in Japan, the world’s first Simoncini Cancer Center utilizing Dr. Simoncini’s “Simoncini Protocol will be opened. Furthermore, Chironcology Inc. will open an official training school for the instruction of the “Simoncini Protocol”, in order to provide aid to as many cancer refugees with nowhere else to go.

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